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If you have ever thought about pulling off to the side of the road of life and screaming into the cosmos, or turning this “car” around wishing you could just go home (wherever that is) because this trip is just too much, I invite you to take an excursion with me through my emails & explore this website to discover what’s hidden beneath the surface steering your journey away from your full potential, keeping your family stuck in a cycle of guesswork, and crushing your confidence to navigate this crazy thing called family (and life)!

Family Bearings Test


Most of us are riding on cruise control banking on default settings to make life easier, but they are actually taking over and making life a lot harder. Every family has a culture, but there are a lot of variables guiding what goes into the beliefs and behaviors that end up shaping your whole identity! Don’t be the back-seat driver of your life! Be aware of your surroundings, learn where you’re coming from and where you’re really headed. Take back the wheel by understanding the hidden programming that’s guiding your family values–maybe without your knowledge or permission.

Navigation Systems


The internet’s only family culture program designed to empower you to decode what’s really going on beneath the surface of your family values, unplug from the systems keeping you stuck and see where your programming actually comes from. Stop following the flow of traffic or flipping a coin at every turn, leaving the course of your life and future up to chance. The Meta Family Method is your exit off the cluttered highways of parenting guesswork to give you confidence to reprogram your script and write your own travel guide for navigating a resilient family culture.

Empowering Emails


Every Sunday I send out a resilience-boosting email offering insights that expose the invisible scripts guiding your life, revealing which ones are helpful for society to thrive, and which ones are keeping you from realizing your full potential as families and individuals. I’ll be dismantling your fears of raising well-adjusted and successful kids when the future seems so uncertain and scary,  and exploring ways to traverse life’s upsets with grace and confidence! Like adding fuel to your gas tank, I’ll be your voice of reason for trusting yourself when it comes to navigating your family journey.

You’re the one at the wheel!



When you think about taking your family on a road trip, you know that you need to make a plan, have a destination, schedule pit stops to stretch and refuel, pack plenty of snacks and entertainment, and make sure your vehicle has all of its maintenance in tip-top condition to keep you and your family safe on the road. On top of all that, there’s a certain mindset and expectation that goes into making your trip a success. Anyone who has been on a cross-country drive with a toddler knows what I’m talking about. It is NOT easy. Throw in traffic stops, detours, meltdowns, check-engine lights, construction delays, and you’re going to start questioning why you’re even on this trip!

Why do we understand the necessity of maintenance and planning when it comes to a road trip but don’t pause enough to consider how much more maintenance and planning goes into navigating a family?

There’s a misconception in society that somehow knowing how to be a family will happen naturally or that you can just wing it. That idea is part of the invisible programming that creates assumptions about parenting that makes you spin out. We spend more time thinking about our company culture than we do about family culture even though our families are arguably a lot harder to navigate and require significant skills to be resilient.

Resilience isn’t about being “strong” or “toughing it out” or “pushing through,” and it isn’t about grit or even perseverance.

Resilience isn’t about waiting on anyone or having patience, nor swallowing your pride. And, it is NOT about upholding the status quo. In fact, it’s the opposite. Resilience is your ability to recover quickly from difficult situations or setbacks and stick to your itinerary despite road blocks or detours. 

Resilience acknowledges that life is tough but that you don’t necessarily have to be tough.

Resilience is actually about being flexible and durable amidst the challenges and delays. In a family, resilience looks like being able to cope well when you’ve got to pull off to the side of the road and change that flat tire (a.k.a. miscommunication that throws off your plans). It looks like being able to build safety and trust that enables growth even when you’ve run out of fuel and are forced to pause and recharge. It looks like challenging or resetting your expectations and maybe taking a detour to allow space for compassion, and it’s about knowing when and how to take time to recover and heal so you can create space for change.

There are plenty of parenting influencers who will tell you how to detail your car, give it a new paint job, or just focus on the destination while ignoring the check engine light flashing in your face. Yet we often look to see what they’re doing and take our cues from other parents only to get stuck in a traffic jam–confused, annoyed, and going nowhere!

Parenting solutions don’t often address the unseen programming that keeps you heading in the wrong direction driving your grandparents’ old beater that isn’t going to make it down the road, much less across the country!

The reality is, difficult parenting is just a symptom of the invisible scripts that have been programmed into your life generation after generation! They are the cultural norms that are so familiar to you that you can’t even see them anymore. Ignoring these programs and scripts makes a lot of parenting advice confusing because the vehicle itself is broken! 

That’s why I’m buildingThe Meta Family Method where I cut through the noise of mixed messages about parenting! I’ll reveal what’s really going on under the hood and show you step-by-step how to design family dynamics that are meaningful, personal, and durable.

Family culture is so much more than parenting! It’s learning to break the cycle of generational and systemic wounds and keeping them from getting transferred to your kids!

Hi! I’m Jodi. I’m a culture-obsessed mom who got fed up with the scarcity and fear-driven mommy culture and never-ending traffic jams of corporate-ladder-climbing.

I’m a master of confronting invisible scripts that create overwhelm, exhaustion, overstimulation, and crushing anxiety. I get what’s beneath the surface that is so often hard to see from the inside because it is just so much a part of your life. That’s why it’s “invisible.” 

I help families and individuals (whether you’re the driver or not) cultivate resilience by learning to recognize the nearly imperceptible programming that is shaping your travel plans to support the kind of family culture that will keep you headed toward your destination – one way or another – in spite of unplanned deviations. 

Let’s chat more about what I do…over here.

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…where I’ll be sharing more of my tips and ideas into confronting invisible scripts and cultivating a resilient family culture in your families, communities, and work places

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