Where My Journey Began…

I started interviewing parenting experts in 2016 when I was beginning to notice something was off about my family culture and I couldn’t wait until I had all the answers to take action.

This old podcast is like a travel log of all the pit stops and detours I was enduring. Thankfully, I had the privilege of asking really cool people what it takes to reroute my GPS and unpack some of my baggage.

I love my experience podcasting, interviewing incredible people and getting to know their stories. I learned so much from them and am deeply grateful to them. Most of the episodes are deeply insightful and encouraging!

However, some of the episodes reflect old codes that I have since overwritten through deep and painful deconstruction, pausing to recover in 2021.

During my hiatus, I honed my ability to expose more of my blind spots and decode invisible scripts in everything I see–even my old podcast episodes!

In the near future, I will prepare to launch a new series.

I will reveal what I still got wrong and why that is so important for breaking the cycle of unhealthy generational patterns and why that is so important for cultivating a resilient family culture.

Stay tuned!

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I had the honor of being a guest on over 35 podcasts and more than 10 virtual summits. Here is a sampling of the episodes where I was interviewed.