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Unseen Code



and Driving Your Life?

Before you can decide on your family’s mission, vision, values, and standards, you need to understand what invisible scripts are influencing your identity and decisions. Taking this quiz is like designing your dream car with all the bells and whistles that you would want to make your journey comfortable, smooth, and safe! With this quiz, you will find the features that align with your family’s true nature so you can design your own itinerary on this great family road trip, and navigate your journey with more ease than you ever thought was possible.

All it takes is five minutes to answer these uniquely inspired questions to determine what “make” and “model” of family culture brings out your family’s beautifully unique values and talents so you never have to squeeze into a fake mold designed on the conveyor belt of life ever again.

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Family Bearings test

Knowing the…

Invisible code lurking beneath the surface of your awareness and defining your limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck

so you can take back the wheel and reclaim control of your family culture journey

Knowing how to…

See through the cultural norms and scripts influencing your identity and choices, repeating unhealthy cycles

allows you to reclaim the path you want to follow and break the cycle of generational pain

Knowing why…

The unspoken contracts and agreements are making you second-guess yourself and doubt your choices

because your subconscious is warning you that you aren’t living in wholeness

What people are saying

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What makes me so sure


Hi! I’m Jodi!


Designing your unique family culture is all about creating a specific experience you want your family to be known for that reflect your true values and character without manipulative parenting tactics, guesswork, or going along with what everyone else seems to be doing.

I’ve spent the last seven years decoding the invisible scripts in the culture families fall into that are creating all kinds of generational damage in their wake. But navigating your family culture away from that wreckage feels scary when the dysfunction has become the norm! 

I help imperfect parents (and individuals) trapped in Invisible Scripts Syndrome become powerful cycle-breakers who destroy their limiting beliefs using my unique framework called The Meta Family Method – a psychology-driven approach to confronting your assumptions about life and family, deconstructing your generational patterns, and reframing a new paradigm of resilience to help you and your family reach your full potential.

Basically, I help you decode your cultural legacies and design a new framework for success that gets rid of the guesswork and  self doubt, and empowers you to write your own travel guide for navigating your family culture with confidence!

Five minutes is all it takes to start

Decoding your invisible scripts

and start living true to your nature away from the guesswork and manipulation of cultural norms and social expectations