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Resilient Coping Skills A to Z

Life’s stressors are more than just the day-to-day struggles. They are also found in managing our emotional reactions, navigating psychological triggers and trauma responses, grieving, and balancing the mental load of managing a home and family. It’s deeply overwhelming, to say the least!

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Founder of The Family Culture Movement

I help imperfect parents (and individuals) trapped in Invisible Scripts Syndrome become powerful cycle-breakers who destroy their limiting beliefs using my unique framework called The Meta Family Method – a psychology-driven approach to confronting your assumptions about life and family, deconstructing your generational patterns, and reframing a new paradigm of resilience to help you and your family reach your full potential.

Basically, I help you decode your cultural legacies and design a new framework for success that gets rid of the guesswork and the  self doubt, and empowers you to write your own travel guide for navigating your family culture with confidence!

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Knowing the…

ways to cope with life’s stressors and manage your triggers…

Will bring you power to manage your day-to-day with peace and resilience

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Respond with intention and manage your reactions…

Will eliminate the fear of emotional manipulation and self-doubts

Knowing why…

Safety and Trust are at the heart of a resilient family culture…

Will make cultivating trust a natural process of navigating family life

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I’m Your Family Culture Resilience Coach

Hi, I’m Jodi

I’m a culture-obsessed, ADHD homeschool mom

I devour personal development books like they are romance novels

I’m an introverted extrovert who is a living paradox

I’m also someone who knows how to help families break up with cultural norms with resilience and intention using my Meta Family Method for defining your family culture

My family is navigating the ups and downs of family life all because I know the ins and outs of decoding family culture systems and breaking cultural cycles with purpose

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